Voluntary National Review on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Kyrgyz Republic is committed to implementing the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The National Development Strategy 2040’s concept aims to ensure human development and decent quality of life through sustainable economic growth. The Kyrgyz Republic adheres to the global commitment to “leave no one behind,” with a particular emphasis on and prioritization of the most vulnerable social groups.

The VNR reflects on the country’s fundamental and practical approaches to achieving the SDGs, challenges and successes, as well as the areas where further work is required. The first VNR of the Kyrgyz Republic covers 16 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 14 is not relevant for Kyrgyzstan). The review covered the situation related to the coronavirus infection (COVID 19), and the information on measures taken by the country to combat the pandemic is included in the report.

The accomplished work and the methodology that was used to monitor the progress of achievement of the SDGs and to evaluate the “leave no one behind” approach have allowed going beyond national average indicators and identifying the variety of specific situations in the most vulnerable groups, interconnected and key conditions of discrimination, inequality and isolation, and risks of further impoverishment.

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