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Geographical Area: Кыргызская Республика

This table provides information about the indicator

Indicator name

10.2.1. Proportion of people living below 50 per cent of median income, by sex, age and persons with disabilities

Target name

10.2. By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status


Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries

This table provides metadata for the actual indicator available from Kyrgyzstan statistics closest to the corresponding global SDG indicator. Please note that even when the global SDG indicator is fully available from Kyrgyz statistics, this table should be consulted for information on national methodology and other Kyrgyz-specific metadata information.

Geographical coverage

Кыргызская Республика

Unit of measurement



The proportion of people living below 50 percent of median income (or consumption) is the share (%) of a country’s population living on less than half of the consumption/income level of the median of the national income/consumption distribution.


The indicator is measured using per capita welfare measure of consumption or income. Per capita income or consumption is estimated using total household income or consumption divided by the total household size.

Rationale and interpretation

This indicator is an indicator of relative poverty and inequality of the income distribution within a country. This indicator and similar relative measures are commonly used for poverty measurement in rich countries and are increasingly also used as a complementary measure of inequality and poverty in low- and middleincome countries.

Method of computation

Average per capita monetary income is ranked in ascending order. The indicator is calculated by estimating the share (in percent) of the population living on less than 50% of median of the national distribution of income or consumption.

Comments and limitations

This indicator describes relative poverty and is based on the welfare indicator 40of a particular country.

Quality assurance

 Data quality is ensured through random household budget and labour force surveys in line with international recommendations

Data availability and gaps

By area, sex, age groups.

Comparability with international data/standards

Data are internationally comparable, as random household budget and labour force surveys are conducted in line with international recommendations

References and documentation

The Kyrgyz Republic SDG National Reporting Platform:

Data sources

National household surveys on population income and expenditure.

Data collection methods

An integrated household and labour force budget survey is conducted in all regions of the country on a quarterly basis. The survey program contains a special module “Household income and expenditures”

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This table provides information about the supplier of the data


National Statistics Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic (Household Statistics Division) The National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic (Household Statistics Division)

Contact person(s)/focal point

Y. I. Kalymbetova

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Contact person's phone

(312) 66 41 64

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