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Geographical Area: Кыргызская Республика

This table provides information about the indicator

Indicator name

1.3.1 Proportion of population covered by social protection floors/systems, by sex, distinguishing children, unemployed persons, older persons, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, newborns, work-injury victims and the poor and the vulnerable

Target name

1.3: Implement nationally appropriate social protection systems and measures for all, including floors, and by 2030 achieve substantial coverage of the poor and the vulnerable

  1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere

This table provides metadata for the actual indicator available from Kyrgyzstan statistics closest to the corresponding global SDG indicator. Please note that even when the global SDG indicator is fully available from Kyrgyz statistics, this table should be consulted for information on national methodology and other Kyrgyz-specific metadata information.

Geographical coverage

Кыргызская Республика

Unit of measurement



The indicator reflects the proportion of persons effectively covered by a social protection system, including social protection floors. The number of social benefits recipients is the number of persons at the end (beginning) of the reporting year that have been assigned monthly amount under law of the Kyrgyz Republic on «State benefits in the Kyrgyz Republic». Effective coverage of social protection is measured by the number of personal accounts of recipients registered with the social protection agencies.


Beneficiary of pension payments (benefits) is individual receiving pension (benefit). Pension is an insurance payment made in cases of insured events to entitled persons in an amount and under conditions established by the State social protection legislation. There are several pension types: a) old-age pensions; b) disability benefits; b) loss of breadwinner pension. Number of pension recipients is the number of persons at the end (beginning) of the reporting year entitled to a monthly payment under pension legislation. The total number of pension recipients is separately calculated by the number of pensioners’ personal accounts registered with the Social Fund, other ministries and departments and the Pension Fund. State social benefits are financial support guaranteed by the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic to low-income families and disabled persons that have no pension entitlements. The following State benefits have been established: 1) monthly benefits to citizens (families) with three or more children between the ages of 3 and 16 “uy-bulogo komok” 2) monthly benefits to persons not entitled to pension “social benefits”. Social standards system includes social standards set in the following areas of social protection: Healthcare; social protection; education; employment; environmental security; legal order guarantees, citizen security and free legal assistance; culture; physical culture. Proportion of population covered by social protection floors/systems indicates how well population living conditions are protected.

Rationale and interpretation

The social protection floor in the Kyrgyz Republic is a nationally defined set of basic social security guarantees which should ensure that those in need have access to basic healthcare and income, which together ensure guaranteed access to country-specific basic goods and services.

Method of computation

Indicator is defined as the ratio of persons receiving pensions and benefits to the total resident population and is calculated by: y=n/N*100, where n = total number of pensions and benefits recipients, N = total population.

Comments and limitations

There is a risk of double counting of beneficiaries of social protection systems and even of persons covered by them due to «supplementary» pension schemes. Even when main sources of double counting are excluded, double counting may occur if, for example, recipients move between different pension schemes over their lifetime and benefit from several schemes.

Quality assurance

National Statistical Committee controls over the completeness and validity of administrative data to ensure quality.

Data availability and gaps

Data available since 2007 onwards.


Republic, by region

Comparability with international data/standards

Национальная платформа отчетности ЦУР КР: Закон Кыргызской Республики «О гарантированных государственных минимальных социальных стандартах»: URL: Ссылки: Статистика МОТ: Статистика и показатели социальной защиты МОТ: Рекомендация МОТ по социальной защите (№ 202), 2012 год:, P12100_LANG_CODE:3065524,en

References and documentation

KR National SDG Reporting Platform: The Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on «Guaranteed State Minimum Social Standards»: URL: Links: ILO statistics: ILO social protection statistics and indicators: ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation (n°202), 2012:, P12100_LANG_CODE:3065524,en

Data sources

Data for indicator computation are obtained from the annual State statistical records: form 94 of the Social Protection System «Report on the number of old-age pensioners and monthly pensions they are entitled to», form 94 of the State Social Protection System (military service) «Report on the number of old-age pensioners registered with the security forces and their monthly pensions», form 2-State Benefits «Consolidated report on payment and amount of monthly and social benefits», Annex 1 to form 2- State Benefits «Consolidated report on recipients of monthly allowances and monthly benefits» and Annex 2 to form 2-State Benefits «Consolidated report on recipients of social and monthly benefits».

Data collection methods

Observation method - Total observation technique: State statistical reporting. The focus of statistical observation is the number and composition of pensioners and persons receiving various types of benefits, as well as total payment of pensions and benefits (by category) and the average pension and benefit amounts. Observation units are statistical units implementing pensions and compulsory social security.

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This table provides information about the supplier of the data


National Statistical Committee of KR (Social Statistics Division)

Contact person(s)/focal point

Rakhmanova Zh.Zh.

Contact person's email

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(0312) 32 46 52

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